Lunging & Long Reining Training Day

Saturday 23rd March 2024: 9am – 3pm

Are you seeking to improve your skills and understanding of lunging and long-reining? Join BHSI Stage 5 Performance Coach, Debbie Wilson for an informative training day. The training sessions will be held at The BTRC, Whinney Hill, Aughton Road, Lancaster LA2 6PQ, a profesional and conducive environment for learning and practicing.

The day will be split into two sessions:

Morning Session: 9am – 12.30pm
Lunging/Long reining theory, including how to use the equipment and demonstrations. You will discuss a range of reasons for lunging/long reining, factors that may affect lunging/long reining and look at a range of common lunging/long reining practices. (BHS Stage 2 – 4 learning outcomes will be covered).
Cost £45 (Inc VAT)

Afternoon Session: 1pm – 3pm
Four x 30 mins slots available for you to bring your own horse and learn how to long rein or lunge. Maybe you already know how but want some guidance and support on how to take it to the next level?
Cost: £35 (Inc VAT)

The afternoon session is also open for observation – you will learn from each individual session as they will all be different.
Cost: £20 (Inc VAT)

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If you would like to find out more detail about the BHS Stages and the learning outcomes for each, please click here.