Hallo Dandy at TRC

Hallo DandyThe Grand National

It was back in 1984 that Hallo Dandy, with his jockey Neale Doughty, triumphed over the famous fences in the world’s greatest steeplechase.

He became a national celebrity and household name, making appearances with his trainer Gordon Richards.

Hallo Dandy at the TRCHallo Dandy at the TRC

In 1986 Hallo Dandys owners retired him from racing to a hunting home where he spent 8 years following hounds. However, in 1994, aged 20, this magnificent horse was discovered badly neglected.

His horrified owners took him back and gifted him to the BTRC where he was returned to full health and remained as our flagship horse until his death aged 33.

Carrie & Hallo DandyHallo Dandys Legacy

The publicity surrounding Hallo Dandys story highlighted the real need to consider the future of ex-racehorses and still continues to inspire and drive the work of the BTRC today.

It is only though the generosity of our supporters that we can continue our dedication to racehorse welfare, re-training, re-homing and protection for life.