Gifting FAQ’S

Do BTRC accept horses from all over the UK?

Yes absolutely. There is no restriction on location of horses, we accept (and loan) to and from anywhere in the UK. Please note if your horse is offered a place you will be responsible for the transport costs of getting the horse to the Centre.

Does my horse have to have raced to be eligible for a place at BTRC?

No. We take any thoroughbreds, whether they have raced or not. Quite often we take horses that have been in training but due to lack of ability have not managed a race.

What is the criteria for a horse to be accepted into the Centre?

We accept all horses that are likely to be able to have a future career as an equestrian horse. We do not have any official age restrictions.

How much will I have to pay to gift my horse?

BTRC generally prioritise horses entering via the Vulnerable Horse Programme (VHP), on which places are fully funded. However, if your horse is not eligible for the VHP we will request a donation to cover a minimum 6 month stay at the Centre. Your donation will support the charity to assess, care for, retrain, rehome and keep a check on your horse for the rest of it’s life.

How quickly can you take my horse?

Once we receive the initial application this will be reviewed within one week and a conditional place will be offered. Once the requirements of the conditional place have been met (Stage 2 vetting and Strangles ELISA test) the horse can be transferred almost immediately.

Does my horse need to be vaccinated to enter the Centre?

Yes. If the course of vaccinations has lapsed, your horse will need to have received the first two vaccinations of a new course before he can enter the Centre.

Do I sign over ownership?

Yes, there is a transfer form that all owners are required to sign prior to the horse arriving at the Centre. This form includes a section to tick if you would like to be informed of the horses future. This form must be completed and returned prior to the horse arriving at BTRC and on arrival the horse must be accompanied by its passport. BTRC will then inform Weatherbys of the ownership change.

Will I be able to keep in contact with the horse and hear how he/she is getting on?

Owners are welcome to the Centre at a pre-arranged time to visit their horse or can phone up and keep a check on the progress. Once the horse has been loaned out, we are happy to pass owners details onto a loaner for them to keep you informed, or you can continue to make contact through BTRC and we can update you.