Gifting a horse


The BTRC is able to offer owners and trainers peace of mind that whether the horse comes to us straight from racing/training or from private post-racing homes, we are able to provide them with a safe and secure future. By rehoming the horses through our loan scheme they all remain under ownership of the BTRC for the rest of their lives.

The application process for potential loaners is very thorough and when a horse has found an ideal loan home it receives regular checks to ensure its continued well-being. If a loaner should undergo a change in circumstances that means they can no longer look after the horse properly, the horse is returned to the Centre until another suitable home is found. This system ensures that no horse gifted to the BTRC will ever become vulnerable.

When gifting a horse to the BTRC straight from racing we ask for a donation from the race owners to help with our retraining and care, but for other horses who may have left racing some time ago and for various reasons may be deem vulnerable then these horses will be supported at the centre by our charitable work.

Helping Trainers & Owners
Jacko Fanshawe, wife of Group One Trainer James Fanshawe and Manager of Fred Archer Racing Syndicate.
George Hunnam & Andrew Clark of Havelock Racing chat about their horse Doctor Cross who entered BTRC’s Rehab and Retraining Programme.


Thank you for letting me come to visit at the weekend. It was great to see Mobsy looking so well and happy. I see he has lost none of his charm or character since being at the the Centre. The staff were, as ever, amazing and so friendly and it is such a wonderful set up you have there. The hardest thing was saying goodbye when he looked at me with his big round eyes. I know now that I 100% made the right decision. Many thanks. It truly is a horse’s paradise. ‘ – (Mel G.B)

‘Unfortunately I found myself in a position that meant I had to give up my wonderful boy, and after spending almost 6 months looking for the perfect home for him, I was drawing blanks. Eventually I discovered the BTRC and immediately knew that this was the best place for him. Understandably, I was a mess throughout the whole thing, but the staff were fantastic and reassuring and made the process as easy as possible for me. Frankie thrived at BTRC and they found him a fantastic new home, better than I could have hoped for. He has been with his loaner for a year now and is absolutely thriving. Thank you for taking such wonderful care of him, both at BTRC and in his new home.’ – (Robyn F)

‘I gifted my beautiful boy to the BTRC as family circumstances meant I could no longer financially support him. The staff have been so professional yet very compassionate to my situation. My boy seems to have settled well and the yard was immaculate!’ – (Julie W)