Benefits of loaning a BTRC Horse

Gracilis Sept 2013You are providing a new life and secure future for an ex-racehorse. By doing so you also allow the BTRC to continue helping more ex-racehorses whose futures may otherwise be uncertain. It is more rewarding and offers more benefits than purchasing a horse on the open market. All horses will have:

  1. Been re-trained to an appropriate standard and capable of carrying out the level of work required of them by their carefully matched new loaner.
  2. Received specialist care which will have also included intervention when required from professionals such as veterinarians, equine dentists and physiotherapists.
  3. Thorough pre-homing vetting including up to date vaccinations.
  4. No hidden information. We are open and honest about any past injuries; conditions or little quirks our horses may have.
  5. Been matched very carefully with prospective loaners to ensure the needs of both are met in terms of ability and requirements.

There is also a support network is in place to help loaners if they require any assistance or advice throughout the programme.

We understand that loaner’s circumstances change and they may not be able to keep the horse. Should the need arise, whatever the reason, horses can be returned to the BTRC where they will be found appropriate new homes.
The right horse for you may not be available immediately but we will work together to find the best match for horse and loaner.