BTRC Deliver BHS CPD: Between the Lines – Lunging & Longlining Clinic

Thanks to the changes brought about by multiple lockdowns many owners have chosen over the last year to carry out more exercise of horses and ponies from the ground to reduce risks relating to mounted activity or to bring horses back into work after having had some time off. As a result of this, the British Horse Society appraoched BTRC to deliver a lunging and longlining demonstration/clinic for local equestrians and CPD for BHS qualified coaches. A lot of the work rehabilitating and retraining thoroughbreds at BTRC involves longlining and lunging, both are very effective training methods when used correctly.

The sold out event was held at the Centre on Saturday 12th March with over 35 people in attendance, some of whom brought their own horses for advice and some of the audience booked participation tickets that enabled them to have a go with the Centre’s horses.

The event was split into four sessions covering different aspects of lunging and longlining. The first session covered the fundamentals and how to get started. Followed by exercise for rehabilitation, maintenance and lastly production. The final session comprised of two external horses that had been brought along by their owners for lunging and longlining advice and help. Alison, one of the owners said of the clinic ‘Thank you so much for the event on Saturday. Fox and I really enjoyed it and I now feel much more confident about long lining him’. If you would like to collaborate with BTRC on an event please get in touch.